The Drug Company -- An Online Pharmacy Service

Who We Are:

The Drug Company adjudicates the delivery of services between its member consumers and the world's most diverse network of international mail order pharmacies.

Our consumers can access, via the internet, prescription and non-prescription products from licensed pharmacies in at least nine countries worldwide.Our consortium includes:

  • an American pharmacy,
  • a Canadian pharmacy,
  • a Dutch Antilles pharmacy,
  • a New Zealand pharmacy,
  • an Australian pharmacy,
  • an Israeli pharmacy,
  • an India pharmacy,
  • a South Africa pharmacy,
  • and a United Kingdom (Great Britain) pharmacy.

The Drug Company maintains relationships with approved and inspected licensed pharmacies from around the world. Our diversity means consumers can "shop the world" for the best price on their medication from one place, a safe place, The Drug without risk.

The Drug Company is not a pharmacy. Instead, we perform the following services:

  1. Maintain the infrastructure that coordinates the transmission of information between consumers and pharmacies;
  2. Design formularies and product offerings;
  3. Actively manage order fulfillment and delivery;
  4. Allocate and ensure orders are filled on our closed systems via our gateway according to consumers' preference;
  5. Offer competitive pricing from licensed multinational pharmacies;
  6. Advise member consumers of their options and equivalent products when shopping internationally.
  7. As a customer advocate, we work for you, not the pharmacy!

Our promise:

100% complete consumer satisfaction. Guaranteed! You will be completely satisfied with you purchase from our vendors 100% every time or we will make it right!

Our Vision:

We, The Drug Company, strive to be the best in the world at safely and securely providing international Rx and OTC pharmaceutical products to our customers. We seek opportunities to build value in our relationships, making every effort to save our customers time and money, and creating lifelong friends along the way.

Core Values:

The Drug Company adheres to the very best practices in safety, ethical business, and social responsibility. Our primary concern is your physical and financial health. Each day in our decision making, we consider the following:

  • Exceed Expectations: we desire to go beyond your expectations;
  • Responsible and Accountable: your health information is in good hands;
  • Truthful: to do the right thing;
  • Be Agile: there's more than one way to do it;
  • Resourceful: how can we best utilize the resources available to us;
  • Constantly Improve: today's marketplace demands it;
  • Fun: a smile is much better than a frown;

Our Brand:

The Drug Company symbolizes the only name, an advocate, you need to know to order medications online and save safely from international sources. Reduce your Drug Cost safely with us! Our banner, a consumer advocate in the world of international mail order pharmacy.

Our History:

The Drug Company went online in 2003 to help consumers save money on prescription and OTC medication by connecting them with Canadian Pharmacies. Since then, we have grown tremendously and now offer consumers the most comprehensive network of international mail order pharmacies in the world.

Our role is clearly to advocate for the consumers and allow only the very best pharmacies to fill orders for our member consumers. Our size means we can protect our consumers and guarantee them that they can order without financial risk.

We see ourselves as being the consumer's safe and secure gateway to transact business with reputable mail order pharmacies. We search the world over for the best pharmaceutical providers and pharmacies so that our member consumers can obtain quality life-saving medications at prices they can afford.

Our People:

Our corporate team and employees mostly consists of Canadians who have worked for some of the largest mail order pharmacies in Canada. Yes, we've head-hunted some of the very best minds in the business to put together our program.

Our board of advisors has representation from each pharmacy in our network which provides a unique global perspective.

Our technical team is often referred to as the Odd Lot Gang; but they are passionate about improving our system's efficiencies so you get the very best online experience imaginable. These innovators were instrumental in the design and development of the first and most widely implemented paperless international mail order system in Canada. Yes, we are bragging.

Common Questions:

How is this possible prices are so cheap on my medications?

  1. Some products are simply cheaper in some markets than in others.
  2. Why? Economic realities and political price controls in certain markets are the driving force behind what the same medication will sell for in various markets.

How can you get these great prices on your meds?

  1. Find the best price on your medication here from one of our approved suppliers and plan ahead a little to allow for shipping time.

For more questions and answers, see our FAQ.

If you have a need for a low-cost alternative for your prescription medications, we suggest you try The Drug Company. With our '100% Try Us Guarantee', you can order confidently.