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Sudocrem General Information

Sudocrem has long been established by doctors and pharmacies to treat skin conditions, traditionally the cream is used to treat conditions caused by reactions to moisture close to the skin when an infant has been wearing diapers.

Also known as the 'Miracle Cream' Sudocrem is one of the best known healing ointments that are used in the treatment of diaper rash (nappy rash). Not only is the cream used to reduce the redness and itching of a baby's skin due to diaper rash, but it has also been adopted by many people in the treatment of acne and other skin conditions (ask your doctor if it is safe to use on a skin condition first).

Sudocrem has a distinctive packaging which is usually a grey tub with a white label containing and the red Sudocrem logo.

How does Sudocrem work?

Sudocrem acts as a barrier to moisture and can be effective in protecting skin from the elements outside. It is a white cream with a smell that is not offensive, and is often a very familiar scent when open a tub or tube, the ingredient that gives off the pleasant odor is lavender, which is also know to contain healing properties.

The process of healing is usually very quick when used on conditions such as diaper rash; usually 12 hours will see a vast improvement in the irritation and redness.

How is it used

For use on other skin conditions such as eczema, acne, minor cuts and grazes, minor burns and chilblains the healing time may vary, but what is certain the reduction in pain and irritation will be very quick indeed.

Other conditions that can be beneficially healed or relieved by using Sudocrem are:

  • Minor insect bites and stings
  • Artificial grass burns in sports injuries for example
  • Sunburn
  • Bedsores
  • Shaving rash and irritation

There are so many more skin conditions and irritations that can be treated with the use of Sudocrem, which is why the term 'Miracle Cream' has been endeared to the ointment.

Side Effects

In rare cases some people can be allergic to ingredients within Sudocrem, if a rash appears or any condition is worsened when using the medication, then use should be stopped immediately and medical attention sought.

Other Brand Names

There are many similar products to Sudocrem, although Sudocrem is the name given to the product by its manufacturer Forest Laboratories UK Limited.

Some other generic products are Zinc cream and Zinc ointment.

Safety Information:

Safety is always a concern with medicines, so prioritizing storage and reading the directions should always be adhered to such as:

  • Always keep the ointment away from reach of children as with any medicines, and store in a cool dark place.
  • Never use the cream after the expiration date.
  • The cream is a topical blend and is not to be taken internally.
  • Keep the ointment away from close contact with eyes.
  • Do not use inside the nasal passages.
  • Do not use on deep cuts or severe burns.

If for any reason there is a cause for concern because of ingestion or eye contact, always seek medical attention as quickly as possible.

Always take care to read the ingredients information on the side of the packaging, if a person is sensitive to any of the ingredients then do not apply the lotion.

If a patient is uncertain of any adverse affects then a small amount should be tested on the elbow area prior to use, or seek the advice of a doctor who may be able to give further allergen information according to medical records.

There are no real age restrictions with the use of Sudocrem, although great care should be taken when applying the medication for the first time. Always test the ointment by applying a small amount to the elbow area and wait a few hours to see if any allergic reaction appears - this may be in the form of a slight rash and/or and irritation.


You can use Sudocrem quite liberally, although a thin layer is recommended. A good trick to use is to lightly rub a small amount onto the area that has been affected, the ointment will not be completely absorbed by the skin – you may apply another very thin layer over the top if the affected area needs an extra protective waterproof layer.

When baby needs a diaper change you may apply a thin layer after gentle washing baby's skin with warm water and cotton wool. Remember to change baby as and when the diaper becomes wet or soiled, as this will prevent diaper rash.

You can use the cream as you require on your face in the case of acne or eczema, but it is better to wait a good few hours between applications or as a doctor may recommend – whether this is more or less often, it will really depend on how severe the doctor thinks a condition is.

Visual Description:

Sudocrem has a distinctive packaging which is usually a grey tub with a white label containing and the red Sudocrem logo.