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Xalatan eye drops Information

Xalatan eye drops are a prescription eye drop medication that has been tested and used for over ten years. It is useful in decreasing pressure in eyes, which helps reduce the chances of glaucoma.

How do the eye drops work?

Xalatan eye drops works by helping drain excess fluid in your eyes. This decreases pressure in eyes. High pressure in eyes is what causes glaucoma, so decreasing pressure is essential. Xalatan eye drops help treat high eye pressure in people with open-angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension.

How to use Xalatan

Xalatan eye drops only have to taken once a day. To use Xalatan,it is important to have clean, washed hands. Pull the bottom eyelid, so a pocket is formed for the eye drop. Carefully administer one drop per eye. It is very important that a person continues taking this medication until their physician tells them to stop using Xalatan. If a dose is forgotten, then a patient should just continue the next day as normal, not make up their missed dose.

Side Effects

Xalatan is not without side effects. Side effects include blurred vision, burning and stinging, and darkening of the eye color. The longer a person takes Xalatan the darker their eyes may become, and are likely to stay dark even after the medication is discontinued.

Safety Information:

Xalatan eye drops are safe for most people, however; people allergic to any of the ingredients should not use this medication. In addition, it is important to remove contact lenses before administering the medication, and to leave contacts out at least fifteen minutes after the eye drops are put in the eyes.


The dosage of Xalatan is one drop per eye, once per day. This is continued until the physician recommends that the medication be discontinued.

Visual Description:

Xalatan eye drops come in a basic eye dropper container. Patients are able to get a convenient applicator to make administering drops easier, but this is not included in the initial medication.

Xalatan eye drops Facts

The active ingredient in XALATAN eye drops acts to reduce intraocular pressure.

XALATAN is manufactured by Pfizer and annual sales are approximately $1.6 billion.

Pfizer owns the patent for XALATAN, which expires in 2011.

XALATAN contains the active ingredient latanoprost and is dispensed as an ophthalmic solution (eye drops).

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