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What are Alphagan P eye drops

Alphagan P eye drop's are a ophthalmic solution commonly used for open-angle glaucoma and hypertension of the eye. This medication reduces the amount of fluid in your eye therefore reducing the risk of vision loss, nerve damage, or blindness.

How does it work

High eye pressure not only increases the risk of glaucoma but also causes visual impairment. The pressure in the eye increase's if the fluid does not drain out of the eye properly. Alphagan P eye drop's work by reducing the amount of fluid made by the eye and increasing the flow of the fluid out of the eye by stimulating alpha receptors found on blood vessels in the eye. Alphagan P eye drop's can reduce pressure on the eyes as much as 30%. This medication usually starts to work about two hours after being instilled into the eye.

How to use

To use Aplhagan P eye drop's tilt your head back and look towards the ceiling. With your index finger gently pull the lower eye lid down. Insert one drop into the lower eye lid but be careful not to let the tip of the container touch your eye or any area around it. Then gently apply pressure to the corner of your eye by or nose for about thirty seconds this will prevent the medication from dripping down into the tear duct and causing side effects. Repeat for the other eye if prescribed by your physician. If you wear contact lenses remove them before using Aplhagan P eye drop's, then wait fifteen to twenty minutes before putting the contact lenses back in after the medication is used.

Side Effects

Side effect for Alphagan P eye drop's may include abnormal vision, blurred vision, allergic reaction, burning and stinging, dizziness, dry eyes, dry mouth, drowsiness, eye irritation or pain, feeling of a foreign body in eye, fatigue, headache, inflamed or swollen eyelids, red or swollen eyes, loss of tissue or staining of the cornea, muscle pain, sensitivity to light, stomach problems, tearing, upper respiratory problems, watery eyes and weakness. Side effects cannot be anticipated. If any side effects develop contact or physician right away. Only your physician will know if it is safe to continue the medication.

Other Names

Aplhagan P can also be known as Brimonidine.

Safety Information:

When using Aplhagan P eye drop's use with caution if you have ever had or experienced low blood pressure, poor circulation, or depression. Aplhagan P can make some people drowsy don't drive any vehicles or heavy machinery until you know how this medication effects you. Aplhagan P has not been studied in children under two years of age. Do not administer this medication to anyone other than the person that it is prescribed for. Alert your doctor if you have ever had liver or kidney problems since the effects of Aplhagan P has not been studied under these conditions.


The recommended dosage for Aplhagan P is one drop in the affected eye three times a day. Approximately eight hours a part.

Visual Description:

Aplhagan P is supplied sterile in opaque teal LDPE plastic bottles and droppers with purple high impact words. The box that the teal bottles are in are of a white color with purple highlights.

Alphagan P eye drops Facts

Alphagan P eye drops solution is distributed to pharmacies by Allergan, Inc.

Patient comfort during Alphagan P eye drops therapy was evaluated in a two-week study at Mundorf Eye Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Clinical trials evaluated pressure within the eye of 200 patients during Alphagan P eye drops treatment.

Alphagan P eye drops obtained original or tentative approval from the FDA on March 16, 2001.