Robaxin Medication Information:

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Robaxin General Information

Robaxin is a medication that is used to treat sprained or sore muscles. It is a muscle relaxant. It is often used in combination with physical therapy and rest of the injured muscles.

How does it work

Robaxin works by relaxing muscles that have been sprained or hurt due to injury, illness or disease. It blocks the nerve impulses that are sent to the brain. It works by relaxing the injured muscles and the spasms that may occur with this condition. The physician may prescribe this medication for other reasons but its main use is for sprained or injured muscles.

How to take Robaxin

Robaxin is normally taken orally up to four times a day, although a physician will prescribe the dose that will benefit the patient the best. It is recommended that Robaxin be taken with food or directly after eating to decrease the chances of stomach upset. The individuals dosage may be increased or decreased based on the physicians evaluation of how they respond to the medication. Robaxin is intended to be used on a short term basis only. It is not normally prescribed for more then a one month period, although the physician will look at the case on an individual basis to determine if it needs to be taken for a longer period of time.

Side Effects

One of the side effects of Robaxin is stomach upset and/or nausea. If this condition is very bothersome it is recommended that you try taking the Robaxin with food to decrease the chances of stomach upset. If this side effect continues the doctor should be contacted. Another of the side effects of Robaxin is blurred vision, which may be accompanied by dizziness or drowsiness. This side effect usually goes away after a few days of taking the medication, but if not, the doctor should be contacted. Other side effects of Robaxin include, flushing of the skin headache, and constipation. Side effects that may be caused by an allergic reaction to Robaxin include fainting, an irregular heart beat, vomiting, a sore throat or yellowing of the eyes or skin, which could indicate a liver problem from an allergic reaction. If any of these serious side effects occur while taking Robaxin, emergency treatment should be sought.

Other Brand Names

Robaxin is the brand name for Methocarbamol. There are no other names for this medication to date.

Safety Information:

Those who should not take Robaxin are those who are allergic to it. it is important for the patient to tell the doctor of any other allergies they may also have. If the patient has ever had liver or kidney problems they may not be able to take Robaxin. Among those to avoid Robaxin are people that have trouble urinating or have had fainting spells in the past. While taking Robaxin you should avoid alcohol as it may cause extreme dizziness to occur. Elderly people taking Robaxin should be monitored closely for any side effects that may occur. Although pregnant women can take Robaxin, it should be monitored closely by the attending physician. It is not known if this medication passes into breast milk so it is best to avoid taking Robaxin if nursing.


When first starting Robaxin the normal dosage is three tablets a day of the 500 mg. tablets. The maintenance dosage for those using Robaxin for a longer period of time is two tablets per day. For those taking the 750 mg. tablet the normal dosage is two tablets a day, or a maintenance dose of one tablet every four hours.

Visual Description:

The visual description of Robaxin is the 500 mg tablets being light orange in color and round in shape. They are a film coated pill engraved with the words Robaxin 500 on one side, and the initials SP on the other. They normally come in bottles of one hundred tablets, or bottles of five hundred tablets.

The 750 mg. tablets are also orange in color with the words Robaxin 750 on one side of the pill and the initials SP on the other side. They too, are a film coated tablet. They also come in bottles of either one hundred tablets or five hundred.


Technical Information