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Lactulose Solution 10g/15mL
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Lactulose Solution Information

Lactulose solution is administered both orally and rectally acidifying the colon by drawing water into the colon, softening the stools, making them easier to pass, thus preventing and treating the condition encephalopathy.

How does Lactulose solution work?

Studies conducted using Lactulose solution has lowered blood ammonia levels up to 50 percent, causing a general improvement in a patient's mental state and EEG patterns included with Encephalopathy.

When/how is Lactulose solution taken/used/applied?

Lactulose solution can be administered in two different ways. When administered or taken orally, Lactulose is taken three to four times daily, in order to produce three to four small soft stools a day. In the initial phase of therapy, doses may be given every hour to achieve rapid laxation. After the initial effect has been achieved, Lactulose will then be reduced to a more recommended dose for the patient.

Lactulose solution is given orally if the patient is already in the coma stage of portal-systemic encephalopathy, or if there is a potential for aspiration. Lactulose solution may be given as a retention enema, or by rectal balloon catheter, and can be repeated every four to six hours or until desired effect has been achieved. Enemas containing soap suds or other alkaline agents should not be used on a patient with encephalopathy.

Side Effects

As with any drug there are always side effects involved. Side effects associated with Lactulose solution are: gas and stomach distention, causing belching and flatulence, along with abdominal discomfort and cramping. An excessive dosage of Lactulose solution can result in a number of things such as fluid loss, hypokalemia, and hypernatremia.

Other Brand Names

Other brand names for Lactulose solution include: Constulose

Safety Information:

Always discuss all medical history with your health care provider. Do not use Lactulose solution if you are allergic to any ingredients present in the solution. Always tell your doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, what types of medications you are on, and if you have any of the following symptoms, such as: diabetes, rectal bleeding, appendix problems, or intestinal blockage, as this could result in how you take or use Lactulose solution.


The usual adult oral dosage is two to three tablespoons, which is 30-45 mL containing 20-30 g of Lactulose. For rectal doses of Lactulose solution 300 mg of the solution should be mixed with 700 mL of water or saline, and retained or kept in the rectum for 30 to 60 minutes.

Visual Description:

Lactulose solution is a clear yellow to golden yellow liquid, and is supplied in two quart and one pint containers.