Golytely 236 G/4L, 2.97 G/4L, 5.86 G/4L, 22.74 G/4L

Golytely 236 G/4L, 2.97 G/4L, 5.86 G/4L, 22.74 G/4L Image

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Golytely 236 G/4L, 2.97 G/4L, 5.86 G/4L, 22.74 G/4L
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Golytely General Information

Golytely is an isosmotic solution containing polyethylene glycol for intestinal cleansing prior to colonoscopy, barium enema, or intestinal surgery. Since it is isosmotic, Golytely can safely be used in patients who have underlying heart or kidney disease without fear of upsetting their fluid or electrolyte balance. A powder which is reconstituted in a four liter jug, golytely is the first bowel prep of this type to be developed.

How does Golytely work?

Golytely draws and keeps fluid in the gastrointestinal tract. This has a laxative effect, stimulating the colon to move all solid material through until the entire gastrointestinal tract is clean.

When and How is Golytely used?

Golytely is typically used several hours before a colonoscopy examination of the colon, a barium enema X-ray procedure or a surgery procedure which will or possible could involve the colon. Golytely mechanically cleanses the colon of all fecal material making it possible for the physician performing the colonoscopy to see the lining of the colon. In the case of a barium enema, any material left in the colon can be mistake for a growth on X-ray studies such as a barium enema. In the case of a surgical procedure, a bowel preparation with Golytely prevents spillage of feces into the abdomen during surgery.

Golytely is obtained by prescription from the pharmacy. A four liter jug comes with the packet of powder. Using warm water, the powder is mixed thoroughly with 4 liters of water and then chilled in the refrigerator to make the Golytely solution easier to drink. The prescription will include instructions on exactly how to use the Golytely. Typically 8 ounces of the solution is consumed every 10 to 15 minutes until the entire four liters is consumed. Bowel movements usually begin within one hour of the first glass. It is important that no solid food is consumed for four hours prior to beginning the preparation. Bowel movements should be clear water when the preparation is completed.

Side effects of Golytely

The common side effects of golytely are abdominal bloating, cramping, nausea, and occasionally vomiting. If any of these are severe or persistent the prescribing physician should be notified immediately so the bowel preparation can be altered. Swelling, a rash or hives, severe abdominal pain, and seizures are rare. If these side effects appear, the preparation must be stopped and immediate medical care sought.

Other Names

Alternatives to Golytely include Nulytely with additional flavors and a less salty taste, and Colyte, also with multiple flavors. Fleet's Dilution Solution, another alternative, is a smaller volume of the medication which requires increased liquid intake after each dose to work.


Golytely is a powder packet which is dispensed with a four liter jug. The powder is dissolved in 4 liters of warm water and then chilled the solution more palatable.

Visual Description:

Golytely comes as a powder in a 4 liter contain to be reconstituted with water prior to being consumed. Once dissolved, Golytely maybe stored for 48 hours in the refrigerator.