Humulin N

Humulin N Medication Information:

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Humulin N 100 u/mL NO Rx
Humulin N KwikPen 100 u/mL NO Rx
Humulin N Cartridge 100 u/mL NO Rx

What is Humulin N

Humulin N is an intermediate acting insulin which is absorbed by the body fairly rapidly.Insulin is something that your body makes naturally when the pancreas is healthy. In individuals who do not have a healthy pancreas insulin must be injected in order to help your body use the sugar that it takes from foods. Humulin N is one of the insulin products that is used to assist the body in using the glucose that the body takes in so that it can be properly used and stored.

How does Humulin N work?

In clients who have diabetes, their pancreas may not make any insulin, or may make a decreased amount. Humulin N is used to treat diabetics to permit their body to use the food that they take in or store it as additional fuel, rather than to remain in the bloodstream where it continues to build up and can cause health problems.

When/How is Humulin N taken/used/applied?

Insulins such as Humulin N are injected subcutaneously. This means that they are injected under the skin, generally on the leg, thigh, stomach or the arm. The sites are usually rotated for each injection. Depending on your requirements and your blood glucose levels, which are generally taken prior to the injection, various amounts of Humulin N are injected.

Side Effects of Humulin N

The most common side effects that can be expected with Humulin N injections are of course pain at the injection site, as well as a lump at times, when one has not injected the insulin slowly enough. In the case of Humulin N, an insulin, another side effect that you could experience would be low blood sugar, which is a serious side effect that must be monitored for and treated immediately.

Other side effects that you might see with Humulin N include those which are indicative of an allergic reaction to the Humulin. These are: rash or hives, seizures, Swelling of the face or throat, wheezing, or a very itchy pinpoint type of rash

Other Brand Names for Humulin N:

Humulin N, the insulin brand name is available only in this brand

Safety Information:

Humulin N is contraindicated:
In cases of allergy or suspected allergy to any ingredient. For those with low blood sugar. For use in treatment of diabetic induced coma


Dosage for Humulin N is variable, dependent upon the number of units required by the patient as indicated by their blood glucose levels.

Visual Description:

  • Humulin N packaging is in a clear glass vial with a resealing stopper top.
  • Humulin N is available in the following forms, all of which are injected.
  • Humulin N INJ 100UNIT/ML
  • Humulin N Pen
  • Humulin N Cartridge