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What is the Humalog cartridge?

Humalog is one of the fast-acting injectable insulins made by human beings. It is infused into the blood to manage and reduce the high level of glucose or blood sugar for the diabetes patients. Hence it is an important preventive and curative means for diabetes mellitus. The Humalog cartridges are popularly used to infuse the Humlalog insulin which acts fast on the patients compared to the regular methods. In fact it is assumed that the Humalog Cartridges aid the system to use the blood sugar in a proper way which in turn treats diabetes without fail. Some people are allergic to the Humalog cartridges; hence they should not use them for insulin injection. Patients with chronic low blood sugar problems should also avoid the Humalog cartridges. Before using these cartridges one should seek permission and instructions from the physicians.

What is Humalog cartridges used for?

The sole purpose of using Humalog cartridges is to treat diabetes mellitus. You are not allowed to share the cartridges with anyone else who is also suffering from diabetes because it might harm others. The product is available with an additional leaflet offering help to the patients which explains all the usage instructions. Generally the Humalog cartridges are used at least 15 minutes before a meal or right after the food. If you intend to use the Humalog cartridges at home on your own, it is advisable to learn the exact procedure from a healthcare professional; otherwise you might make a mistake which can be fatal. It is also possible to use the Humalog cartridges with the insulin pumps. The Humalog cartridges hould be injected under the skin but not into the veins and muscles. After you use the Humalog cartridges, the reaction will start within half an hour and the effect lasts up to 5 hours.

Side Effects

Like most of the other medicines, Humalog cartridges might also show up side effects. The commonest adverse effect of Humalog cartridges include reddening of the injected area, itching and swelling or minor pain at the site. Many people suffer from acute allergic actions due to usage of Humalog cartridges. Some people feel tightness in chest, shortness of breath, dizziness, losing consciousness and abnormal sweating or severe hunger. The sufferer might become weak due to all these problems.

Safety Information:

If you are using Humalog cartridges on regular basis, keep a check on your alcohol and sugar consumption to avoid sudden illnesses. Never take it more than the dosage prescribed by the physician. Any changes to be made in the dose should occur under the supervision of the doctor. Before travelling seek instructions from the doctor about the time and procedure of using Humalog cartridges.

It is expected that regular usage of the Humalog cartridges will keep your diabetes under check and help you lead a healthier life.

Visual Description:

The Humalog cartridges are available in various packages like pens, cartridges and vials. These packages contain a sterile solution of Humalog which can be used for injection. The unopened Humalog cartridges should be preserved under refrigeration at 2 to 8 degree celcius. But freezing of the cartridges should be avoided. If the Humalog cartridges are not kept in a refrigerator, they should be used up within the span of 28 days or you might have to discard them.

Contents of Humalog cartridges package
The contents of Humalog is lispro crystals and zinc-insulin mixed in an aqueous clear fluid. The amount of ingredients in every milliliter of Humalog are 100 units of insulin lispro, 3.15 mg of Metacresol, 16 mg of glycerin and 1.88 mg of 'dibasic sodium phosphate'. Small amount of phenol and water are also used in Humalog cartridges. 10% of Sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid with 10% concentration is also present in the solution.