Simvastatin is a generic medication for the drug Zocor:

Simvastatin medication comes in several different strengths; click on the strength you need to view prices from pharmacies competing to earn your business.

Simvastatin 5 mg
Simvastatin 10 mg
Simvastatin 20 mg
Simvastatin 40 mg
Simvastatin 80 mg
Simvastatin 100 mg

What Others Are Saying About simvastatin:

Franco on Friday August 21, 2009

I started early in September on 20mg of simvastatin and 10mg of Zetia. No noticeable side effects. One month later, I got blood work to see the results, and my cholesterol went down to 150 from 333. Bad cholesterol went down, good went up. highly recommend this medicine.

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