Polysporin Eye And Ear Drops

Polysporin Eye And Ear Drops Medication Information:

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Polysporin Eye And Ear Drops NO Rx
Polysporin Eye And Ear Drops 0.025mg/ml / 10000unit/ml NO Rx

Polysporin Eye & Ear Drops General Product Information

Polysporin Eye & Ear Drops are a sterile antibiotic solution that users can to alleviate the symptoms associated with bacterial infections. To achieve the best results, use this product as directed by the manufacturer's instructions for use, a physician, or a pharmacist.

How do Polysporin Eye & Ear Drops work?

Polysporin Eye & Ear Drops kill the bacteria that are causing external infections of the eye and ear, such as swimmer's ear or pink eye. The active ingredients are 10,000 units of Polymyxin B (as Sulfate) and 0.025 mg of Gramicidin. These active ingredients comprise a combination of antibiotics that are designed to kill bacteria present in the eye or ear. The inactive ingredients are Alcohol, benzalkonium chloride, poloxamer, propylene glycol, water.

Polysporin Eye & Ear Drops Instructions for Use

Tilt head and apply one to two drops of the solution into the infected eye or ear. The medication should be applied four times per day. Also note that special care should be taken not to touch the tip of the applicator dropper to the affected area. This is to prevent contamination of the applicator and possibly re-infecting the affected eye or ear.

CAUTION: Consult a physician immediately and discontinue use if any of the following occur:

  • A serious case of the bacterial infection is present
  • Symptoms do not improve within two days of beginning the therapy
  • Severe burning, itching or swelling in the affected area
  • A rash develops

If your physician has prescribed this medication for treatment of conditions mentioned within this article, or for other conditions, be sure to follow the frequency and dosing instructions carefully. These instructions may deviate from the manufacturer's instructions, therefore always be sure to following the prescribing physician's instructions, and do not discontinue use without instructions to do so.

If a dose of this medication is accidently missed, take it immediately. However, if it is almost time for the next dose, DO NOT take a double-dose. Instead, take a single dose and continue the regimen as described. If you have questions about how to handle a missed dose of this medication, consult the prescribing physician or pharmacist.

The product should be stored away from direct sunlight at temperatures between 15 and 30ºC (59 and 86ºF).

Side Effects

The most common side effects of this product are temporary burning at the application site and temporarily blurred vision after application. Be sure to use caution when driving or performing duties that require clear vision or hearing.

Other Brand Names

Triple antibiotic eye and ear drops with Polymyxin B and Gramicidin as the active ingredients.

Generic and/or other brand names are often available for medications. Be sure to consult a physician or pharmacist to understand the implication of switching to another brand or generic form of the medication.

Safety Information:

This product should not be taken by anyone who: Is allergic to Polymyxin B, Gramicidin, or any of the other products listed in the "How do Polysporin Eye & Ear Drops work?" section above.

Consult a physician prior to using Polysporin Eye & Ear Drops under the following circumstances:

  • A history of eye or ear conditions/diseases are present
  • Pregnancy or breast feeding mothers


Liquid Form: Strength: 10,000 units of Polymyxin B (as Sulfate) and 0.025 mg of Gramicidin per 1-2 drops

NOTE: Determining medication dosage can involve a number of variables, including but not limited to the age, weight, and severity of the infection. Always be sure to follow the exact instructions provided by you healthcare professional.

Visual Description:

Polysporin Eye & Ear Drops come packaged in a white plastic bottle, with a green and white label. The 10mL bottle has a built in dropper for ease of application. The antibiotic solution is clear and odorless.

The DIN (Drug Identification Number) for Polysporin Eye & Ear Drops Sterile is 02239156