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Synvisc General Information

Synvisc one is an osteoporosis pain relief injection specifically targeted for the knees. It guarantees up to 6 months of pain relief with just one shot. It is made up of the same substance found inside the joints in the knees which cushions the joints and taking away pain for a period of time. As osteoporosis caused cartilage to wear down, bone spurs to develop, and joint fluid to break down, Synvisc-One is there to put a stop to the pain and refill what has worn away with a simple injection.

How does Synvisc work?

Synvisc works by replacing the knee fluid so that the knees can retain natural shock absorbency. It also relieves the pain as Synvisc-One works in a natural way to replace what has worn away.

How is Synvisc Used?

Synvisc-One is a simple in-office injection. It is given in the knees by your doctor that only takes a few moments. You can resume your everyday activities, but should avoid any strenuous exercise or labor that may be put on your knees for at least 48 hours. After that you are free to live pain free until your next appointment six months down the road. In patients during a clinical study showed that they received pain relief up month after their first injection. The procedure can be repeated safely to relieve osteoporosis pain in the knees and as soon as the pain returns, you can consult your doctor and have the injection again.

Side Effects

The most common side effects were pain in the knee or swelling after injections, as well as fluid buildup in or around the knee. In studies the side effects did not last long and a mild rash could also occur on occasion. Synvisc-One does not have serious side effects like most pain pills do. It is a safe and easy way to relieve knee pain associated with osteoporosis.

Other Brand Names

Other brand names for this medication include Synvisc. Hylan G-F 20 is a generic names applied to the medication.

Safety Information:

Synvisc is a not a drug and is administered at your health care professional's office. There is no need for overdosage precautions as in cases of pain medication. Synvisc-One can be repeated safely numerous times to relieve pain associated with osteoporosis in the knees. OA medications may still be taken as Synvisc-One does not always eliminate the need for them.


Synvisc is prepackaged and comes in one injection dose of 6ML. This is the standard dosage for all patients.

Visual Description:

Synvisc is an injection administered by your doctor. The medication is a clear liquid. The packaging comes in a rectangular box with Synvisc-One in the blue lettering and below it the generic name Hylan G-F 20. The coloring of the box is blue, yellow, white, and gray. The syringe is already full and capped off with the names on the side, as well, in black lettering.

Osteoarthritis Information

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common type of arthritis caused by osteoporosis. It is also the most common joint pain condition in the United States, including worldwide. It is estimated by studies that more than 21 million suffer from OA in either one or both of their knees. This pain is often severe and puts severe strain posture which can lead to other types of arthritis, as well.

In cases of OA the cartilage surrounding the joints in the knee slowly wears away and the fluid there called synovial fluid loses its ability to absorb shock. Bones begin to rub against one another causing pain and discomfort and even stiffness and inability to move the joints at all. The stages of OA are mild, moderate, and severe. It is up to your physician to determine the level of osteoarthritis present in your condition.

Symptoms of Osteoarthritis such as pain and stiffness and depending on the level of pain can also help determine the stage at which your osteoarthritis has reached. X-rays will be definitive in showing the amount of wear on the joints and bones in the knees. Cartilage wear is also a large factor in the determining the level of severity your OA has reached. There are many ways to also prevent knee pain associated with OA along with the help of Synvisc-One

Many health care professionals all state the same thing: putting stress on your knees can cause larger problems. Many factors such as weight and strenuous exercise are the key factors in knee pain. Keeping a healthy weight is essential in order to prevent pain from OA and also from making the condition worse. Synvisc-One can only relieve the pain for up to six months, but it relies on other factors. People who are obese or overweight cause the most wear on the cartilage and joints in the knees which lessens the chances of Synvisc-One lasting to its optimal potential. There are many ways that knee pain can be eliminated even with Synvisc-One.

Exercising is important to everyone, but more importantly as you age and become more prone to arthritis, osteoporosis, and other age related health problems. Maintaining a healthy weight, eating right, and walking are just a few great ways that all doctors recommend for those suffering from OA. In conjunction with Synvisc one, these things enable the injection to work as its maximum potential and last longer than people who do not do any of these things. Overall health affects the entire body, especially those with OA.

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