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What are allergies?

Most allergic reactions are caused by exposure to substances in the environment. These include pollens, mold spores, house dust and animal dander.

Allergy symptoms include irritation, grittiness, redness and excessive watering of the eyes.

Your allergy symptoms may only occur at certain times of the year in reaction to a particular pollen. These are seasonal allergies.

Why do they occur?

Special (mast) cells which are present in the mucus membranes of your nose and eyes react to allergens such as pollen or dust by releasing histamine. This release of histamine then sets off the whole cycle of allergic symptoms.

How can you tell if you have allergies?

If this is the first time you have had the symptoms, you should confirm the diagnosis with your doctor.

It is likely that your symptoms are due to allergies if:

  • both eyes are affected

  • you have a runny or congested nose as well

  • your sight is not affected

But if:

  • only one eye is affected

  • you have no nose symptoms

  • your sight is affected

  • you feel pain in your eye(s)

You cannot be sure your symptoms are due to allergies and should consult your doctor before you use Opticrom.

How does Opticrom work?

Opticrom works by blocking the release of histamine from the mast cells. This helps prevent the allergic response from taking place and so helps prevent the symptoms of red, itchy, watery eyes. Opticrom use should be started prior to your usual allergy season to gain maximum preventative effect. In the case of unexpected exposure, begin treatment immediately at the first onset of symptoms. To maintain the symptom-free effect, it should be taken continuously throughout the season even when you feel you are free from your symptoms.

How to use Opticrom

Adults and children over 5 years: 2 drops into each eye 4 times daily. Do not exceed recommended dosage.

Opticrom are easily applied to the eye. First, you should tilt your head back and gently pull your lower lid down. Then carefully squeeze out two drops into each eye while looking up toward your forehead. Close your eyes gently for a few moments.

Opticrom should be used continually throughout your usual allergy season, even when you feel you are free from symptoms. Continued use will help ensure you remain symptom-free.

To maintain sterility, prevent touching the tip of the dropper with the eye or other surfaces. Discard the opened bottle after four weeks. Keep out of reach of children.


Those people who are sensitive may experience mild irritation of the eye, during the first few days of use. These effects are infrequent, minimal and reversible.

Opticrom should not be used with any other eye treatment except on the advice of a doctor.


Opticrom should only be used for allergic conditions of the eye. In some instances irritation or redness may be due to serious eye conditions such as infection, foreign body in the eye, or other mechanical or chemical corneal injury requiring the attention of a doctor. If you experience eye pain, changes in vision, pain on exposure to light, acute redness of the eye, excessive or milky (nonclear) discharge, abnormal pupils, if condition worsens or if relief is not obtained with 72 hours consult your doctor immediately.

Soft contact lenses should not be worn during treatment with Opticrom.

Pregnancy and Lactation

As with any drug, if you are pregnant or nursing a baby, seek a doctor's advice before using this product.

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